Edith Gallagher Boyd
Edith Gallagher Boyd is the offspring of Irish immigrants who met and married in Philadelphia and had seven children of whom she is the youngest. Living in a culture that highly valued education, her father shoveled coal at the University of Pennsylvania and her mother worked as a practical nurse to send their children to private schools. Edith's love of French language was only exceeded by her skill on the basketball court. A graduate of Temple University, she is the author of "Dancing In Winter and other stories." She is married with an adult son and lives in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Dancing In Winter and other stories
This poignant collection of stories is delivered with impeccable pacing, and a great deal of charm. These characters let you into their lives with the intimacy of close friends.
Dancing In Winter and other stories

Contains the Following Previously Published Works

Scarlet Leaf Review

September 23, 2016

Peeking Through The Curtains

"He knew some people were too timid for this life"

Adelaide Magazine

January 19, 2017

Double Dodging

"My Mom said with the kind of guts Coach preached"

Potluck Magazine

May 22, 2015

Charlotte's World

"the little face, no bigger than an orange"

Indicia Journal

July 7, 2017

The Steel Door

"Twelve guards.  I counted."

The Furious Gazelle

July 28, 2015

The Flower Shop

"...and simple in it's beauty, much like love itself."

Scarlet Leaf Review

February 15, 2017

Multi-Colored Ribbons

"And few of us can ask for more than that"

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

May 1, 2017

A Moving Target

"Enough for us to join in the dance."

The Eleventh Transmission

January 5, 2017

Surfing on My Left Foot

"my heart contracted for him...for us."

Potluck Magazine

April 10, 2015


" the spoonbill who visited us before the party"

Spadina Literary Review

December 15, 2016

The Boarding House

"He gently lifted an oblong case"

Potluck Magazine

September 14, 2014

Dancing In Winter

"to stretch and grow with my brown-eyed daughter"

No Extra Words

July 27, 2016

The Opening

"as boyish to me as when our coffee table was a cardboard box"

Potluck Magazine

August 19, 2015

Helen Spencer

"After forty years of teaching, Helen Spencer was set to retire"


June 01, 2018 

Making Friends

"Smitty left his flask"

Phoenix Photo & Fiction

July 2, 2016

The Invitation

"It was mid afternoon when I saw it on the table"

Potluck Magazine

January 14, 2015

Dr. McGill

"Dr. McGill eased into the water"

The Phoenix Issue 59

April 15, 2018

The Perils of Moving Day

"There was no dimming of the love my aunts and uncles shared."

Adelaide Magazine

September 14, 2017

Gravers Lane Local

"How fragile, yet precious, this life is."

Potluck Magazine

October 14, 2014

The Baldwin Inn

"The Baldwin Inn was a rustic spot near Philly"

Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

September 1, 2016

Behind The Trees

"Daddy didn't say anything bad."

Scarlet Leaf Review

July 15, 2017

Afternoons with the Rogans

"Mr. Rogan never threw a beer bottle in his life."

Adelaide Literary Magazine

May 5, 2018

Meeting Melissa

"Did I kill Jack?"

by Brendan Sample

In her 25 years of living on Ardleigh Street, former Hiller Edith Gallagher Boyd was able to gather plenty of inspiration for her later career as an author. After more than six years of writing short stories, about 25 of which have been published in various literary magazines, Boyd has now published a collection of her stories titled Dancing in Winter and other stories.

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Dancing In Winter and other stories